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Tomcat, NIO, Hanging et CLOSE_WAIT

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Problem :

We are testing a springboot application in AWS with ELB in front.

After a while of load-testing, the application was hanging :

  • HTTP 504 error code from Jmeter client
  • HTTP 502 if we raise ELB timeout
  • Once logged on the server :
    • telnet localhost 8080 was OK
    • sending GET / on this socket was not responding
    • plenty of CLOSE_WAIT socket
    • wget was also hanging (normal)
    • connection was established during wget hang
    • nothing in the log


Solution :


I initially think about the keepAlive timeout and pool of tomcat but

  1. SpringBoot copy the connectionTimeout parameter to keepAliveTimeout
  2. new socket is accepted and established
  3. CLOSE_WAIT wasn't shutdown after hour

Doing the test many times, I finally so a classical "Too many open files" in the log. That's why I could not see more log during the hang.

So we change the nproc and nofile in /etc/security/limits.conf

And taadaaaa ! Nothing change in :

cat /proc/<$PID>/limits

Thanks to blogs over the world like this one :

  • the service is start with systemd
  • to override ressources limits with systemd :

At last but not least, the value of Tomcat NIO socket queue is around 10000 + other files + other process... choose wisely your limit

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