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SSH remote connection in cron is refused

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Problem :

I was creating a simple cron job to connect to from remote-server-1 to remote-server-2.

Testing the job with direct call or run-parts was OK

# direct call to my script

# or with run-parts
run-parts -v –-test /etc/cron.hourly

But when called from cron I had a : Permission denied (publickey).

Solution :

First, trying to reproduce in cron environment with this command line (extract from there)

I finally reproduce the problem.

So I add -vvv options to my ssh connection to get more details : still not enough clue : permission is refused.

Then I decided to compare my ssh connection from bash command line :

remote-server-1@myuser > ssh -vvv remote-server-2

What a surprise :

- it uses my personal key to connect to remote-server-2 instead of remote-server-1 key !

- my personal key is deployed on remote-server-1 and remote-server-2

So when I run the connection, it works because it uses my personal key but when ran from cron environment it uses remote-server-1 key and this one was not declared on remote-server-2.

SSH is able to use your connection key in priority to try to connect to another server...




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